16. And they lived happily ever after...

"I'm sorry, boss. It's my wedding anniversary today, so I'm going home. I'll finish that report tomorrow." Some female eyes were lifted from the monitors as he walked along the corridor and entered the elevator: angel face and athletic body, clearly visible even under the business suit, Steven was very popular among his colleagues, and the boss didn't represent an exception...

He left the office by motorbike, bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers and went home. The fast Suzuki let him avoid most of the traffic. He entered the house, got undressed and started cooking a delicious dinner.

When Danielle reached home, one hour later, the living room was silent and warm. She saw flowers and candles on the table, juicy hot courses ready to be tasted... Everything was perfect, including her favourite chair: Steven was naked, on his hands and knees, ready to worship his Goddess. Danielle smiled and took place on his back. "Come on, honey. Carry me to the bedroom first!" She got undressed in her large dressing room, using Steven as a stool, then she wore a light gown and sat back on him. "Move! I don't want that delicious dinner to get cold!"

Steven crawled into the living room and took position, so Danielle could remain sat on his back and use his calves as a comfortable, warm footrest for her bare feet.

Kate entered the apartment, using her own keys. She kissed Danielle's lips, caressed Steven's shoulders and took place. Her role was both waitress and fellow diner. She lived in the adjacent apartment and was therefore always handy as Danielle's best friend... and devoted sexy slave. After the first course, Danielle said: "The food is delicious. But I was so hungry that I forgot to make a stop in the bathroom. Kate, would you take place under the table please?" The girl readily lied onto the floor and put a funnel into her own mouth. Danielle turned 90 degress on Steven's back, stretched out with her ass from there and put her feet on Kate's breasts. Her golden nectar targeted the funnel and was quickly swallowed into Kate's stomach.

The dinner was very pleasant for everyone. Steven was even involved in their lovely conversation, though from his low position. After the dessert, Danielle said: "Let me propose a toast! Steven, Kate, you're my beautiful family. And I can't find the words to describe how perfect I now consider my life! I had almost lost faith... but today, December 30th 2008, we're celebrating one year since mine and Steven's wedding, and two years since we three finally gained freedom. It required a lot of time... my biological age will be 32 next year... but everything's been worth it!".

Two years earlier, Danielle had eventually reached one of the most remarkable goals in the history of science: time traveling! Graduated in biology, she had succeeded where hundreds of scientists had previously failed. Like it often happens, her research had started from an accident. She was working on a new kind of energy pill for slaves, when she had noticed a surprising effect: beyond a determined speed, human horses particles started to move in a way potentially capable of overlapping the time-space continuum.

In need of money and laboratory slaves, she had found the most unexpected partner for her research: Elizabeth, who had become Queen after Zenobia's early death. Time travelling opened unlimited possibilities to the ambitious new Queen, who had profusely funded Danielle's efforts. Several months of experiments hadn't brought results yet, when Danielle had asked Elizabeth for an audience: "My Queen, I perfectly remember our agreement, especially the part in which you disallowed any contact between Steven and me. But I'm at a dead end, unless you give me a human horse able to pull me and Kate at 33 mph for at least 3 minutes. And I only know one slave capable of that" Danielle hadn't even waited for an answer. She had gotten on her knees and started licking Elizabeth's toes: her daily duty, part of the agreement mentioned above, was to worship every inch of the Queen's legs, then to orally service her until the desired number of orgasms. Danielle's tongue must have worked better than usual that day... because she had finally earned a positive response to her request.

Two days later, the experiment had taken place. Danielle hadn't met Steven for years, but she had forced herself to appear indifferent while harnessing him to the rickshaw: Elizabeth was attending the entire experiment. Danielle had taken place and pulled the bridles to make Steven stand up, while Kate (who had become her full-time assistant since the project start) had connected some electrodes to his handsome body. Once both the girls had sat on the rickshaw, the Queen had said: "You can go. Danielle... any trick, and I'll kill you right here, in front of Steven". Kate had whipped Steven's shoulders just once: they needed a couple of trot miles to make his muscles warm, before injecting the formula and gaining the maximum speed. After several minutes, Danielle had let Kate proceed with the formula... then she had immediately taken the bridles and started whipping Steven with all her strength: "Fly, my beautiful slave! I need you to make us fly today!"

They had reached 33 mph and kept that speed for about 4 exhausting minutes. Steven's feelings had been terrible: he had heard about experiments causing the death of many slaves... and now a very cold and demanding Danielle, the only woman he had ever truly loved, appeared determined to make his body explode! The formula had made his muscles powerful but also aching in a way he had never tried before. That pain was even higher than the one caused by Danielle's whip, but his devotion had prevented him from slowing down. Then he had suddenly saw a blinding flash and... once recovered his sight... he had almost bumped into a bus! The very polluted air, together with some surprised exclamations of people looking at the girls on that human-pulled rickshaw, had given them the final confirmation: they were back to 2008.

"So my toast" Danielle continued "is dedicated to you, Kate, my best friend and precious assistant... and to you, my beautiful Steven, who brought us here across the time. You're gonna be my slave for your entire life, although most people are not ready to accept this kind of lifestyle in the present-age."

"Not many people, Danielle... but an increasing part of them! Today our web site has received dozens of requests again!"

Danielle and Kate's current activity, worth a very wealthy life, was almost as bright as the time machine itself. Through the Internet, they offered submissive men the chance to realize their dream of a lifetime slavery. Wishful men were eager to pay thousand dollars for being time-transported beyond year 2500, when male slavery had been officially declared.

Danielle's greatest fun was to send those men to the precise moment in which they had travelled back from Elizabeth's kingdom.

"Maybe one day, after I'll have sent her hundreds of new slaves, Elizabeth will forgive me" she used to say with a mocking smile. "Sometimes I even miss her world, especially the outdoor rides... But my life is here now. Steven will be mine forever not by law, but because he chooses to be my slave every single day. This is the real female supremacy!"


15. Back to Zara

Elise thought she had never desired a hot bath so much. Fully relaxed in the soapy water, she felt the exhaustion of those last days flowing off her beautiful body.

She looked at her handsome pack animal: Steven was humbly positioned on hands and knees beside the bathtub, waiting for her. Elise had ridden him for three days through the forest before reaching that motel, just beyond the border of Zenobia's Kingdom. He had been a simply perfect horse. His naked body still showed the rubbing signs of the saddle belts and the bleeding wounds of Elise's spurs, but a quick treatment at the motel's stables had already put him back in good shape.

Elise eventually stood up. She walked out of the Jacuzzi, still wet and soapy, pulled Steven's hair to make him upright on his knees and caressed the wounds on his abdomen with her foot. "My amazing strong horse! You can't imagine how exciting it is to feel your muscles respond every time I spur you" she said. "Your pain for my comfort and satisfaction. Mmm..." Then she put his mouth between her thighs. He drank every drop of her golden nectar, then started cleaning her pussy. Of course Elise made his tongue continue until she reached a marvelous orgasm. At this point she noticed his powerful erection and smiled, very pleased. She pushed him down, sat on his naked back with a large smile and said: "Let's go to the bedroom, honey..."

After the tough days across the forest, their journey continued with a slower pace... and with many hours spent in motel rooms... It looked like Elise didn't really look forward to reach their destination, but preferred enjoying Steven full-time for a while.

That afternoon, Steven was at a quite slow pace. He heard Elise chatting with an attractive woman, who was riding a rickshaw beside them, but couldn't understand everything because her thighs often covered his ears. Anyway, she was a woman from the town where Elise had grown up, so the girl was listening to some local news. Given the sunny spring day, the young ancilla weared just shorts and t-shirt. The skin of her beautiful soft legs nicely clashed with the muscular tanned body she was mounting. The mobile phone suddenly rang. "Hi, Elizabeth... my Goddess, how are you doing?... ehm... yes, of course... I'm not so far... I think tomorrow... ah, ok... you want us to arrive by the evening... ok, of course... everything you want... I'm sure Steven will endure, I just wanted him to recover from the first tough days... no no, ok... as you wish... see you later."

"Holy shit!" Elise quickly said goodbye to her friend, then she took her bare feet off the stirrups and moved her ass from the saddle onto Steven's right shoulder, in order to pick her boots out of the large bag fastened on Steven's back, just under the saddle. While in that uneasy balance, she wore the boots and tightened the spur straps. Then she sat back on the saddle, put the boots into the stirrups and whispered: "I had different plans for tonight, baby... but now I'm really going to need every drop of your energy along this way. Giddy up!" She repeatedly hit Steven's abdomen with her razor-sharp spurs. The cowgirl-hat she wore fell hanging at her neck, her long blonde hair fluttered in the wind, while Steven summoned up all his strength to carry his beautiful rider at a full gallop pace.

They reached Elizabeth's palace at 11:30 in the evening, after an exhausting no-stop ride. Elise, even if tired and cold, dismounted very quickly and left Steven in the hands of the grooms. "Take care of him, hurry up! He's bleeding because of my spurs and a fall happened 30 minutes ago. I shouldn't have pushed him to gallop even along that downhill." Of course, Elise didn't have a scratch on her beautiful body. "If I bring him to Elizabeth in these conditions, she will kill me! Make him presentable very quickly, while I go to have a quick shower!"

Twenty minutes later, somebody knocked on Elizabeth's bedroom door. "Come on in!" she calmly said. Elise and Steven, both cleaned out and completely naked, entered the room and shut the door. Of course Steven proceeded on all fours, while Elise sat on his back with no saddle nor bridles, just a hand pulling his hair for directions. The young ancilla had her legs swinging from the slave's shoulders, beside his arms, but she stopped Steven and put her bare feet onto the soft carpet when she saw her Goddess walking towards them.
Elizabeth hit her face with a rough slap, which made her lip bleed a little bit. She smiled, sat on Steven's neck and kissed her favorite ancilla with gentleness... then with passion, then with all her tongue into her mouth..." I missed you, stupid vicious girl!" They had sex for a long time. Steven's injured knees and hands were well beyond pain, but he endured the ladies' weight for the whole time. Elizabeth seemed completely indifferent to him. Once finished with her lover, she said she wanted to sleep alone and let Elise ride Steven back to her own room. The girl, even if conscious of Steven's conditions, didn't dismount until she reached her bed. Walking on her bare feet was out of discussion! She fell asleep in a couple of minutes, so Steven lied on the floor and tried to take some rest.
When Elise woke up, he wasn't there anymore. An initiative of his own was excluded, so she thought Elizabeth should have asked for him. Her guess was right. When she walked out of the balcony, the noise of a continuous whipping welcomed her, together with a warm bright sun. Elizabeth was downstairs, making some loops of the race track on a light rickshaw pulled by Steven. His back appeared already injured, and he galloped like a desperate wild animal. "Can I join you for a ride, my Goddess?" Elise screamed. By the time she walked downstairs, Steven had already been stopped and harnessed to a larger rickshaw.

The ladies went for a long relaxing ride in the countryside. Elizabeth let Elise keep bridles and whip, but sometimes exhorted her to be more demanding. "Are you planning to punish him for a long time, my Goddess?" Elise asked at a point. "Oh, no honey. Don't be sad... I'm just having some fun, I love this slave so much and I've been missing him... But I know he's a good boy, and I don't blame him for the escape: he's loyal to Danielle because of the way he's been trained since he was a baby slave."

In the following days, Elizabeth took Steven back to his usual duties: ass licker inside her throne, human horse both indoors and outdoors, human toilet every single morning. He was often involved in the ladies' hot nights too... but he used to spend all the remaining time with Elise...

Elizabeth became obsessed with an idea: she wanted Steven and Elise to generate a male beautiful baby, designated to become her young slave when she got older. So she pushed them to have sex almost every day, usually in her presence. Her favourite position had Steven penetrating Elise with Elizabeth sat on his back, so she could spur him and feel his muscles under her naked ass. She often made Steven penetrate herself too, but then he had to continue with Elise and cum into her only.

Steven had no news about Danielle for months, until the day Elizabeth rode him upstairs and entered a room he had never seen before. She caressed his hair and said: "I know you love her, my dear. Nonetheless, you've always been an excellent slave for me, even in the days I've been more merciless than ever. So you deserve a little reward". Remaining sat on his back, she switched on a huge tv screen... and an unaware Danielle suddenly appeared: the twins had an invisible microcamera under their back skin, so Elizabeth and Steven could watch a very special reality show. The cameras showed Kate and Danielle on their rickshaw. Kate kept the bridles, and her whip often hit the twins' back... sometimes covering the lens for a second. Danielle was more beautiful than ever. She was chatting with Kate and had some books on her thighs. She was obviously going to the College, before letting Kate begin her working day as taxi driver.

Steven felt very sad, and thought she had probably forgotten him. Elizabeth ordered him to keep watching and to stay on three legs, in order to sustain one of her feet and kiss it... just there, in front of Danielle's live broadcast. "Lick my foot, slave. You're going to be mine forever..."

14. A new life

"I'm going to be late, as this rickshaw is slower than the ones I'm used to ride!" Danielle whipped Steven again. "Kate, I expect you to come and pick up me at 5:30 in the afternoon. Have a good day!" she said a few minutes later, passing her the bridles and disappearing through the College entrance.

Kate was one of the reasons because she could be back to attend a College...

Three months before, after been rescued by Steven, Danielle had ridden him beyond the border of Zenobia's Kingdom. This had taken seven days, of which four by rickshaw and the last three on his shoulders, in order to avoid the guards at the border. Steven had almost starved at the end, but she had never dismounted except for sleeping: "You carried Elizabeth out of the desert, now you must go through this for me or die!" she said at one point, hitting his abdomen with the spurs. After the initial thankful reaction for having been saved, the experience as ponygirl had made her angry and more merciless than ever. Once across the border, they had survived with little thefts, until Danielle had realized that renting Steven to farms or factories could be very profitable: slaves were rare and valuable in that Kingdom, because most had been killed during the last war against Zenobia's. With the first money, she had bought fake documents, food, clothes. Then she had rented a small but luxurious apartment in Alanya, a medium-sized commercial city on the sea. Finally, giving Steven away to a riding school for two entire weeks had been remunerated with that large expensive rickshaw.

Kate whipped Steven, uncovered the plate "taxi" and led the rickshaw downtown. She was 19, just like Danielle, but had grown up in a poor family. She had never had the chance to command a slave before, but considered herself a quick learner. Her deal with Danielle was simple: Kate had quit her job at the riding school and now worked as taxi driver, using Danielle's slave and rickshaw while she was at school. They shared the taxi revenues at 50%.

That was a perfect solution: Danielle could get a good income, largely sufficient to pay the tuition fee and live comfortably, while keeping Steven's services for all the time she spent out of College. She looked gorgeous and happy, more beautiful than ever, but was still obsessed by bad memories and sometimes she suddenly turned very mean to Steven (who accepted any abuse with complete devotion).

On the other side, Kate had the chance to seriously improve her standard of living. This became clear after a few weeks, when she started wearing nice dresses, trying new hairstyles, emphasizing her cute face with a light make-up. She was a flourishing girl, with
big nut-brown eyes and long blond hair which framed an angelic face.

Steven, of course, had the hardest role. The new rickshaw was different to the ones he had been accustomed to. It was much heavier, had four wheels instead of two, and was set up to accommodate up to four women. Kate sat on the first row, where she could see the road and control Steven by bridles and whip, while the largest places for the clients were backwards,
provided with softer cushions and a chair back. Usual journeys had one or two passengers (plus Kate's 130 lbs, of course), but if the women appeared not too heavy, Kate would let their daughter sit beside her and sometimes allowed them to play with the bridles and whip. As a very communicative girl, she loved the job very much.

Nonetheless, after the tough
days in the woods, Steven had now resumed a good diet and appeared more handsome and in shape than ever. Kate felt very attracted to him. Danielle had expressly forbidden any sexual contact, but she still made Steven massage and kiss her feet during the lunch break.

One morning, three elegant ladies got off a ferry and spent about 10 minutes at the harbor bar, sipping cold drinks. When Steven reached the first position of the taxi queue, they stood up and asked Kate for a ride. "I'm afraid you should take two rickshaws, or wait for a dual-slave one. Mine is only enabled for two passengers" the girl replied, while noticing that two of the women were identical twins. The ladies insisted, offering to pay double the regular fare. Since Steven had just been resting for about fifteen minutes, Kate accepted. The taller identical ladies took the usual passenger seats, while the tiny younger one sat beside Kate and started chatting with her. Their destination wasn't exactly known: they claimed to be expected in a large country house along the road to the inland.

After 30 minutes, Kate began feeling worried: she didn't know that area in the countryside, and Steven appeared really exhausted both for the four women weight and the frequent uphill tracts. "Is it still far away?" she asked several times. But Elise, the 22 y.o. tiny girl who sat beside Kate, seemed eager to keep her quiet and off-guard. She also asked and obtained to take bridles and whip, to relieve Kate's arms which began to be tired. The twins always remained silent; even if very well dressed, they appeared quite muscular.

They finally reached the house. Steven ran beyond a portal and entered a beautiful park, finally stopping in front of the huge building. That new rickshaw had one only benefit: he didn't have to serve as human stair. So he bent forward his sweaty and hurt back, breathing deeply to get back to a sustainable heart rate. The perspective of going back pulling only Kate appeared like a pleasant walk now! But this wasn't going to happen...

Elise let the bridles fall on the ground and suddenly jumped on Steven's shoulders. "Don't move!" she said, pressing a knife on his throat, while the twins easily trapped Kate. Steven was too exhausted to try any resistance: they had probably planned that long ride just to break down all his strength. Elise untied the bridles from Steven's head, then ordered him to get down on hands and knees. She remained sat very close to his nape, holding his hair with one hand and the knife with the other. "Carry me inside, and don't play tricks or you're dead." The twins followed them, dragging Kate. They were probably soldiers, while Elise soon disclosed to be one of Zenobia's ancillas: "Don't you recognize me, slave? Your eyes used to be covered with a bandage, but you surely remember how I loved hitting your nipples with my spurs, while I rode you sitting forward on your neck just like now!"

They all entered a large hall and climbed a long staircase. Of course Elise neither dismounted nor took a different position: she remained sat on Steven's back, very close to his nape, making him carry her on all fours along the stair-steps. He didn't wear knee pads, but she didn't care. Her only concern was to keep him under control.

Once reached the first floor and accessed the last door, they spent some hours in a room furnished with every conceivable torture tools. Elise ordered Steven to stand up on his feet, but keeping his back horizontal for her to remain sat. Then she put her own bottom on the middle of his back, moving her legs from his shoulders to his sides, and she let one of the soldiers block Steven's head and arms in a pillory.

They raped both Steven and Kate, slashed his ass with long leather whips until it became completely striped, used the girl's mouth as toilet while Steven always remained chained... The atmosphere soon became one of extreme arousal. Elise was clearly the one in charge: she always told the others what to do, dismounting from Steven's back only to make Kate drink from her. When the phone rang, a crying Kate was orally servicing the soldiers, while Elise was trying to make perfectly aligned stripes on Steven's shoulders with a tiny crop (while pushing her tits into his mouth).

All the women immediately sat on a large sofa, then Elise pushed a button and a huge screen suddenly switched on. Elizabeth appeared, talking to them via video call. "All done as ordered, my Goddess" Elise said, revealing to be Danielle's replacement as Elizabeth's personal slave.

Elizabeth smiled and asked everybody to exit the room, leaving Steven locked in the pillory. Once they were alone, she started talking to Steven: "Perhaps I should let them kill you... Indeed, I can understand why you betrayed me: you're Danielle's slave in the first place, since her name was marked on your skin as lifetime owner when you were 16. Unfortunately I met you later, but now it's just on your loyalty and devotion to her that I'm going to count on..."

The others were allowed to enter thirty minutes later.

Elizabeth announced: "Steven has accepted to voluntarily come back to Zara as my personal slave. He won't try any resistance, so please unlock his hands and consider him completely loyal from this moment on. In fact, Danielle's life will be protected as long as he will belong to me."

Then she said: "Ladies, your mission has been perfectly executed. Congratulations. Now I want Elise to bring Steven back home. Remember, my darling, that you're in hostile territory! Therefore no rickshaws: you'll ride him on the shoulders across the forest. This will be tiring for you, but safer. We'll discuss further details later."

Elizabeth pushed a button on her throne armrest. The others probably didn't notice it, but Steven thought Lydia or another slave must have taken place inside the throne and was surely licking her mistress' ass. Despite the situation, he couldn't avoid to feel aroused: being under Elizabeth's divine ass was simply wonderful.

Elizabeth continued: "Twins, I've got a new mission for you. I want both of you to become Steven's replacement as Danielle's slaves. I'm talking about an authentic full-time slavery, with only two exceptions: she will neither have the right to kill you, nor to prevail over my orders. You'll be undercover agents: if Steven disappoints me, I will order you to revolt against Danielle and murder her. Until that very unlikely moment, you'll be fully devoted to her."

The twins didn't say a word, but they looked clearly terrified: that would have possibly meant an entire life of the hardest slavery, in service of a young woman who had many reasons to hate their owner.

The call ended and everybody moved to the stables. Elise locked the twins in their new ponygirl suit: a beautiful system of leather belts which barely covered their pussy and tits, leaving naked their back and ass. Then she tied down their hair and put the bit in their mouths, without hiding a sadistic smile. They were provided with running shoes and a large supply of energy pills.

Elise spent the following two hours riding Danielle's rickshaw, pulled by the twins. They made several loops in the park, then rode a dozen miles on the road. Kate sat beside her, to learn how to lead a double-slave rickshaw. The twins, slashed with no mercy, revealed to be quite fast and resistant. Completely identical, they had no known name and could be distinguished by a small detail: one had a green shade in their brown eyes. Tall and muscular, about 25 years old, they had been great soldiers... until that day. Elise had a lot of fun. And she behaved very kindly with Kate: now they shared the dominant position.

She finally gave her the bridles and a new beautiful leather whip. "A little gift from me, just to apologize about my behavior when we reached the house. I'm sorry, we were just following orders. Anyway... this whip is more painful than the one you had before. It will help you getting impressive performances out of those sluts! Their combined effort should result in a good speed, almost comparable with Steven's." She smiled and added: "Yes, I know: Steven is not easy to replace. He's probably the best and most handsome slave I've ever used in my life. My mistress Elizabeth would have moved heaven and heart just to take him back. She confessed to me that she had probably loved Danielle in past just to keep Steven close to her, because after their escape she realized to miss him only."

Kate left after a while, to reach Danielle's college on time. Still shaken for having been sexually abused, she took revenge by wildly whipping her new horses. This way she had a very fast ride across the countryside. A few miles before reaching the city, she stopped at a service station. She got off the rickshaw, walked in front of the twins and whipped them on their face, breasts, thighs... Then she spit on their faces and ordered them to kneel down and lick her boots clean. They obeyed with devotion, but Kate whipped their shoulders and crushed their hands under her heels.

"I'm going to make your life a nightmare. You have no idea of what I will find out to torture and humiliate you every day! But I need to distinguish you. Since I believe you're not as good as ordinary human horses, your names will be 'donkey' and 'mule'. Now get on your hands and knees!" Kate unlocked the bridles and made the twins crawl with no knee pads for a couple of minutes, standing with a foot on each back until they reached the shop. "If you make me fall off, you're dead!" Kate bought a set of metallic letters and composed the words 'donkey' and 'mule', then asked the clerk for a very common service: she put the letters in a dedicated oven until the metal became red-hot, then marked the chosen names on the slaves' skin, between their shoulder blades. The twins couldn't avoid to scream desperately. Satisfied, Kate ordered Mule to go out and look after the rickshaw while she rode Donkey on all fours through the shop for a while...

They finally left. Kate realized to be late and launched the twins at gallop, overtaking all the other rickshaws she met along the road. She had fun trying to hit the new fire-brands on the slaves' back with her whip: every point gathered in this sadistic game was marked by a desperate scream of the poor new ponygirls. Focused on her merciless game, she forgot to study an appropriate way to tell Danielle what had happened that day...

When Kate stopped the rickshaw with a tough pull of the bridles, just in front of the college gate, Danielle had a disappointed expression because of the few minutes she had been waiting. Then she recognized Kate and the rickshaw, but just couldn't see Steven...

13. Two years later

Danielle couldn't figure out the reason of her recent sadness.

Her 18th birthday had just been celebrated with a great party. She had a wealthy life at Court, her beloved Steven and many other slaves were at her beck and call, Elizabeth was an expert and irresistible lover. The duties she had as ancilla were quite light: checking up on the slaves' housework, combing the Queen's hair...

Moreover, Elizabeth often obtained from the Queen to keep Danielle all for herself. Thus her duties soon became hours of pleasure. Danielle, though previously known as a confident young woman, felt completely powerless in front of Elizabeth. Theirs was still a passionate love story, but Danielle had progressively become her secret little slave too.

That afternoon, Elizabeth was really busy with paperwork. Lydia was on hands and knees, serving as her human chair, while Danielle lied on the floor under the desk: her young breasts were Elizabeth's favourite footrest. Absently, Elizabeth's feet sometimes moved to Danielle's mouth, claiming to be kissed and licked. After several hours, Lydia felt really finished: her mistress used to sit on Steven for such long sessions, but that day he had been assigned to the Queen for a hunting trip in the countryside. Elizabeth felt her trembling body, but still had 30 minutes of work to do. So she stood up and made an unprecedented decision: "Slaves, exchange your places!". Danielle thought she must have misunderstood: yes, Elizabeth was getting more and more dominant
with her, but always with a special kindness (she had never asked her to perform such tiring roles... and never called her slave before!). "Danielle, don't make me waste time. I need you on your hands and knees, now! I know you're weak and lighter than me, but I still want you to be my chair and I'm surely going to enjoy your struggle. Don't you want to make me happy? Doesn't your Goddess deserve this?" Of course she obeyed. Being Elizabeth's chair was the hardest experience of her life, but the consciousness of being useful to her mistress indeed turned her on. Unbelievable! Elizabeth proved her appreciation by caressing her head, but didn't do anything to reduce the weight on her back (on the contrary, she even crossed her legs).

Half an hour later, Elizabeth and Danielle were in a "69" and had one of the most overwhelming orgasms of their lives...

No, her gradual submission to Elizabeth wasn't surely the reason of Danielle's sadness!

Nothing was bad in her life at Court. There was just something missing... Town, family, friends? Maybe. But more than anything, "plans". Yes, that was it. Her ambitious plans to attend a college, to become a top manager, to be worthy of power and responsibilities. Life at Court was just an amazing unreal dream.

She expressed these thoughts to Elizabeth, who completely understood. "I've studied to the highest level and worked in large companies, before being taken here after my family's bankruptcy. I was 26. I'm getting a revenge only recently, because the Queen has noticed my skills. I can be considered her first advisor by now, especially about economical and foreign affairs... Therefore I perfectly understand your will. Just let me work on it."

Elizabeth quickly settled down everything, gaining the Queen's full support:
- the few seminaries attended in the last two years at Court were acknowledged as High School diploma (after all, Danielle had left her school only 8 months before graduation);
- Danielle enrolled in the Royal Business College, with a full scholarship offered by the Queen;
- Steven was assigned to her exclusive service 7 am - 3 pm, because the College was two hours away from the Royal Palace by rickshaw (and Elizabeth didn't want Danielle to sleep in the campus like most students... but in her own bed).

When she broke the news to Danielle, the girl gave her an enthusiastic hug. Elizabeth, who was sitting on Steven's back, almost fell off but laughed with her. She truly loved Danielle.

"I'm wondering about a different way you may thank me..." she said then with a bright smile. "Yes, my Goddess" Danielle replied, then she got on her knees and passionately plunged her mouth between her thighs. They had sex right there, on Steven's back.

The following months were very tough. Danielle had challenging days at the College and little time to spend with her two lovers. Steven now spent the full morning in her service, and she appreciated the chance to ride the rickshaw daily again, but they rarely had time to spend together in privacy: as soon as they were back to the Palace, her slave was brought away to make up for lost time in his usual duties (which often meant being Elizabeth's chair, pony and sexual toy). Danielle still used to spend all the nights in Elizabeth's bed, but they were both so busy and tired! Moreover, Elizabeth was quite disappointed about Danielle's way of riding the rickshaw: "You know I love using Steven's back with no blankets, feeling his skin under me. Do you really need to whip him so much? I'm ruining all my favorite dresses with blood stains!"

Anyway, things were seriously going to change.

"Recent achievements confirm you as my most precious advisor, Elizabeth. The end of the war is mainly due to your diplomatic efforts. And the rebels have been nearly exterminated. But these last years have taught us a lesson: we need a deeper control over the territory. So I decided to split my Kingdom into five Regions, each administered by a Governor. And I want you to be Governor of the largest one." Elizabeth was astonished. Not even in her best dreams the Queen had been so open-handed! She showed her gratitude to the Queen and they discussed many details, up to an important point. "You have the right to choose three personal slaves from the Court. They will be your exclusive property. Of course I already imagine your first two picks..."

"Thanks, my Queen. My first picks are obviously Steven and Lydia. The third one is Danielle."

"Careful, my dear. I'm the only Queen, and only my personal servants can keep the special status of ancilla. If you choose Danielle, she will be degraded to pure slave!"

Elizabeth appeared torn. "I know I'm being very selfish. But I need her, and I'm already losing her! After the degree, she would surely leave me. The only way I've got is to take her devotion to the next level: slavery. Please, Zenobia: in the name of my friendship and loyalty, don't tell her anything. I'll explain her the real situation after our departure."

Elizabeth became more and more demanding with Danielle, who felt surprised (and surprisingly excited) but kept being devoted to her: her Goddess always knew how to reward her efforts.

First of all, Elizabeth requested some queening: she gently sat on Danielle's face, on the bed, then squeezed her nipples to spur an intense tongue work. "Oh my God, your perfect mouth was created just to adore my ass!" This lasted half an hour and became a daily duty, which Danielle performed every morning (before going to the College) while Steven combed Elizabeth's long hair.

Danielle's tongue soon became her favourite toilet paper too. Elizabeth usually made Steven drink from her, then Danielle lick the remaining drops. Of course she often kept her tongue there much longer than necessary.

The funniest activities were the tiring ones: Danielle made her best, but was tiny and not trained at all, while her mistress was about 20 lbs heavier than her. Elizabeth acted kindly with her, starting it like a lovers' game, but could also be cruel and demanded progressive improvements. She usually spent the morning with Lydia, who was really finished by the time Steven and Danielle came back from the College. Then she complained about the wounds on Steven's back, and this way she had the excuse to force Danielle on her hands and knees. She gently sat on Danielle's back, keeping her feet on the floor and spending some minutes with cuddles and caresses, then put her legs on her shoulders, swinging from the sides of her neck. Now all her weight was on Danielle, whose arms started trembling in a few minutes, and who nonetheless had to lick the mistress' feet. "It's so exciting to feel you struggle under me. And I'm so comfortable on your little soft body!" Elizabeth remained comfortably sat until her young slave collapsed, and required a longer time every day.

After that, Elizabeth started the "ponygirl training". She didn't use any riding tool, setting the whole thing as a game
: both Danielle and her were completely naked (except for a couple of knee pads for Danielle). As usual, Elizabeth's secret recipe was a magic mixture of sadism and kindness. Danielle's long hair functioned as bridles, while her breasts were kicked and her ass slapped by her rider. She learned to obey orders and was soon able to carry Elizabeth for about 10 minutes no-stop. The riding sessions eventually turned into marvelous time on the bed. Danielle wondered why Elizabeth now had all this time to spend with her, but didn't dare to ask...

One afternoon Danielle was ridden for almost 20 minutes, until complete exhaustion. She lied on the floor and refused to stand up, even when Elizabeth invited her to join her in bed. So Elizabeth mounted Steven and, sat on his back, kicked her face and breasts very lightly. Danielle kept acting naughty. "Ok, you wanted it!" Elizabeth ordered Steven to have sex with Danielle from behind. And she didn't dismount.

She knew Danielle and Steven had never stopped being lovers, and now she wanted to be part of that private thing, with the final target of totally owning Danielle's soul. Steven felt very surprised to find Danielle so wet: Elizabeth's dominance really turned her on! He was excited, but doing it with Elizabeth on his back proved hard. Danielle initially tried to offer resistance (she didn't want to share her and Steven's special moments with anybody), but soon let her body enjoy that wild pleasure. Meanwhile, Elizabeth used whip and bridles to control Steven's speed, exactly like during a ride. Then she moved her feet from the stirrups to Danielle's breasts, brushing them...

Danielle was completely gone, Elizabeth appeared like possessed, Steven sweated very much and thought his back was going to break... then Steven was finally allowed to cum by Elizabeth, who started whipping his nape with all her strength and said: "Yes, slaves!! I want you to have a child! He will be my slave when I'm an old woman!"

After that, Elizabeth and Danielle slept together, having a sweet night of cuddles and hugs. In the morning, Elizabeth asked her to skip the lesson at the College. She woke up, relieved herself into Steven's mouth, let Danielle lick and clean... Then they went back to bed. Elizabeth sat on Danielle's stomach, resting her own back on her thighs and caressing her face and hair with her own feet. "I love you, Danielle. And I'm crazy about the way you're becoming more and more submissive. You're my lover, my woman, but even my sweet pet... You would do anything for me, wouldn't you?..."

When Elizabeth revealed her the plans for their immediate future, Danielle thought her new status of slave was going to be just formal. The beautiful ride in the countryside they had that afternoon, with Elizabeth riding Steven and Danielle mounting Lydia, seemed to confirm it.

But when they moved to Zara, the city where Elizabeth had been assigned as Governor, she realized that her right to attend the College had been turned into full-day duties in Elizabeth's service. She was never treated hard like Steven and Lydia, but was definitely a slave. Elizabeth's wish could turn her from lover to submissive pet at any time. Sometimes Danielle was taken in meetings like Elizabeth's advisor. But the new Governor soon bought a very special throne: Danielle was chained and hidden in it, so she could lick Elizabeth's ass while nobody else could notice. That soon became Danielle's usual place during meetings, which used to last hours everyday. This brought an issue: Danielle's tongue became tired and slow after a while, and Elizabeth had no way to urge her! So she requested a refinement to the throne: a small button which squeezed a couple of clips, locked on Danielle's nipples.

Every night, Elizabeth told Danielle she was sorry for the pain she had inflicted her, and kissed her breasts with sweetness. "I'm sorry, my little slave. But your tongue makes me lose control!" Then in the morning, before sitting down on the throne and let her guests enter the room, she always looked at Danielle's face (through the hole in the seat cushion) and smiled with a sadistic face. Sometimes she cleaned her ass
negligently on purpose, before sitting on the throne: a couple of clicks on the button were enough to win the consequent hesitation of her young slave.

Danielle accepted everything. She loved Elizabeth so much, and considered her the only person in the world who could ask her everything.

But exactly that limit was about to be overstepped...

Elizabeth received the visit of Cassie. She was a former senior ancilla, an arrogant woman despised by the other ancillas at Court (Danielle included). Now she was Governor of the adjacent region. When Elizabeth received guests, they were usually carried in the conference room by Steven or Lydia and remained sat on their backs. Cassie was alone, so she asked to use both: Steven as chair and Lydia as footrest. She wore riding boots, and had fun tormenting Lydia's breasts with her heels and spurs while discussing with Elizabeth. Cassie was cruel and attractive, and her behavior made Elizabeth very aroused. So she pushed the button insistently, enjoying Danielle's tongue in her ass, until a little whimper from her little slave was clearly heard in the room.

Cassie stopped talking about their topic, a dispute about who had the right to collect taxes from a boundary town, then stood up on poor Lydia's abdomen and said: "That must be Danielle! I was surprised to count only two of your personal slaves... Well, Elizabeth: the taxes of that town are yours, if you let me use your throne now. I've always dreamed about Danielle's beautiful mouth, but she's always had eyes for you only at Court."

Elizabeth smiled and stood up. Cassie saw a tear on Danielle's face, before sitting on it. This make her even more aroused! She had been traveling for three days through the desert, sleeping in a tent without any water to wash herself, so Danielle's duty revealed really hard. But a continuous merciless pressure of the button broke any hesitation and the young slave's tongue cleaned her up perfectly. That torture continued for about half an hour.

Danielle had never worshipped other woman than Elizabeth. Steven, who was now serving as Elizabeth's chair, felt very concerned about her reaction...

But Danielle didn't say a word. Once unchained, she just went to the bathroom and took a long shower. When she came out, Elizabeth was in front of her, sat on Lydia's back. "Come here" she said. Danielle stepped forward, and Elizabeth hit her face with a violent slap. "You enjoyed Cassie's ass, didn't you? I'm so jealous!! You're only mine, bitch!" Elizabeth was out of control. She took Danielle's hair, forced the girl on her knees, then peed into her mouth. This was her first time as a human toilet, but she was too scared by Elizabeth's insane behavior and didn't miss a drop.

Ten minutes later, Elizabeth heard Danielle's steps towards her. "Why are you walking instead of rid...?" She couldn't end the sentence: a knife hit her back.

Danielle was crying, her hands now dirty of Elizabeth's blood. "I would have done everything for you. Everything! I loved you more than myself! Why did you have to share me with that horrible witch?!?"

Elizabeth was promptly cured and recovered quickly. She declared that an unknown masked person had entered the palace and stabbed her, or the Queen would have surely ordered Danielle to be executed. Dozens of soldiers patrolled the city but couldn't find any suspect.

Since that terrible day, a desperate Steven never saw Danielle anymore though. He couldn't even hear about her for weeks, until a rich merchant said to Elizabeth during a meeting (while sitting on him): "My younger daughter has just entered the riding school. She's 11 now. And guess whom she is usually mounting? Your cute female slave, the one you ordered to deport. She must have been really undisciplined to deserve such an assignment!"

Steven left the Palace that night. He stole a rickshaw, then placed in it a mannequin taken from Elizabeth's huge wardrobe: a lonely man walking in the streets would have been immediately noticed. He reached the local Riding School at sunrise.

The school occupied an entire farm, who included riding tracks and two stables for ponyboys and ponygirls. Women were theoretically all superior beings, but female slavery had been legalized by Zenobia for criminals, deserters and voluntaries. The purpose of this measure was to help replace the hundreds of male slaves murdered during the recent wars.

Steven parked the rickshaw in a field and hid the mannequin in the bushes. He had maybe a couple of hours before his absence from the Palace would be noticed... He wore a full pony equipment (shoulders saddle, stirrups, bit and bridles), then was able and lucky enough to mix himself among the ponyboys who were exiting the stable for the first morning ride. He joined the group of those who were rented to external clients, since Danielle had been reported to carry beginner young riders. Of course women didn't even look at the slaves' face, so he was easily unnoticed and assigned to an elegant woman who was about 45 years old and weighed at least 170 lbs: the typical "new rich" who wanted to learn riding skills. He ran around the track for half an hour, and it revealed harder than expected: that was one of the heaviest riders he had ever carried, and she incorrectly sat way too forward, crushing his nape between her thighs. Then he finally saw Danielle.

Those last weeks had really changed her body, which must have been submitted to a very hard training. She was running at fast trot, mounted by a cute girl who was about 14 and probably weighed just a few lbs less than her. Unlike Steven, Danielle was ridden clockwise, so they crossed each other many times along that ring in the following 30 minutes. On the first lap Steven, used to consider her owner and lover like a Goddess, was strongly hit by the image in front of him: the sad and exhausted expression of Danielle's face, who was clearly summoning up all her strength to perform as human horse, compared to the carefree smile of her young rider. Then he could notice the bleeding wounds that the girl's spurs had already left on Danielle's abdomen. The last time he crossed her, Danielle had been launched to gallop: the girl was whipping her hips with no mercy. Steven saw a tear of utter desperation on her face, still beautiful even with a bit in her mouth.

The hourly session finally expired. Steven got on his knees and let his clumsy rider dismount. She required him to lick her boots, saying they were dusty. Then he was brought back to the stables. That early morning session was mainly dedicated to mothers and school-girls who wanted to have a ride before school, so now most slaves had some time to rest. After being washed with a rough jet of cold water, Steven used the first occasion to escape and approached the ponygirl stable. Caught by an instructor, he hit her with a strong punch and hid her body. He quickly found Danielle, since the ponygirls were not so numerous, and carried her away with one arm, like a baby.

They could take advantage of a quiet moment and escape, but their absence was surely going to be noticed soon. Steven ran over a hill and reached the rickshaw with Danielle clutched to his neck, whispering thankful and loving words to him.

She mounted on the rickshaw, threw away the leather straps she was dressed with, and quickly wore the gown and boots that Steven had brought for her in a bag. She also found a hairbrush inside it, so she unleashed her hair (still arranged in a ponytail) and started combing it just while Steven started pulling. They travelled for hours and hours with no breaks and not even a word, having the only stop of the day near a small river: approaching a city or a service station was out of question, because their mug shots had surely been already affixed. They slept in the forest. Steven embraced Danielle for the entire night, keeping her warm and safe. At sunrise, they made love in the most tender way ever.

Some hours later, Steven finally realized that he wasn't feeling strange for being an outlaw, nor because of Danielle's silence (she was understandably upset). The unusual thing was to pull a rickshaw without being whipped!

But on the day after, when he really started to feel exhausted (even because of a diet exclusively made of a few wild fruits), the first lash reached his back. "You aren't planning to be sluggish just because you saved me, are you? Faster, slave!" Danielle said, then whipped him again and again.

"Welcome back, my Goddess" he thought with a happy smile, immediately taking a faster pace.

12. Life at the Royal Palace

Steven quickly learned how to recognize who was riding him, even if blind: tradition wanted slaves to stay constantly naked, four legged, saddled and with their eyes covered by a bandage in the harem. They were allowed to see only when ridden on shoulders, in the outdoors.
Elizabeth weighed about 140 lbs, had soft and perfumed skin, was determined with bridles and crop. She used to whip him on nape and shoulders, while sitting on his back with her feet in the stirrups, usually barefoot and with no spurs. In short she was demanding and not particularly light, but proper. Her feet were long and delicate, and she loved having them licked and worshipped for hours. Steven was her favorite slave by far, after the tough days in the desert. Elizabeth had used all her influence with the Queen to make him being expropriated to the Court.
But ancillas had no property rights, so each slave could be freely used by all of them. Steven learned some names of his other users by listening to their chats, and gave imaginary names to the others, identifying everyone by weight, voice, smell, domination style. The youngest girls used to be lighter but more sadistic. The harem was composed by about 30 ancillas and 50 male slaves, who were at their full disposal. Senior ancillas assigned about 20 slaves to housework, creating monthly work shifts, but they preferred keeping always for themselves the most handsome and sexy ones (including Steven, who was very disputed). Even if numerous, slaves were often ridden by pairs of women: the purpose was just fun, and this was 
usually a preliminary game towards sex.
Only the Queen could prevail in selecting a slave for her amusement. She had five exclusive male slaves and, of course, all the ancillas were considered in her service. But sometimes she picked up slaves from the Court, just to break the monotony. Steven had already had several chances to serve her. Those were his most challenging days at Court: Zenobia weighed about 155 lbs and was very demanding and cruel. She loved using and torturing him with no breaks, and Steven could clearly feel her sadistic pleasure in inflicting pain to her servants.

However, being in her service allowed Steven to hear some news about the world outside... Zenobia had declared a holy war against the male rebels, claiming that she wasn't going to stop it until they were completely extinct or enslaved. Captured rebels were usually assigned to the hardest jobs: bus puller, heavy goods carrier, power plant worker (electricity was only generated by the sun, wind and human strength). Recent successful battles had taken place close to Steven's native city, so he felt really concerned about Danielle (he missed her so much!).
Lydia was one of the officers who visited the Queen more often. She had been promoted after the heroic days in the desert, and now commanded the forces in charge of overkilling the rebels. During the final days in the desert, when used as a human horse by Elizabeth, Lydia had fallen in love with her. Elizabeth's magic mix of dominance and kindness had won her heart.
That day, arrived at Court to update the Queen about the last massacre of rebels, she obtained to spend the night there. Elizabeth and Lydia rode Steven on all fours along the corridor, until they found a quiet bedroom. Then they started caressing and licking each other, without getting off his back. Steven, accustomed to the ancillas' soft and feminine bodies, felt different in being mounted by Lydia's muscular thighs. He also noticed the submissive behavior Lydia had with Elizabeth. She called her "my Goddess", and all her actions were primarily meant for the ancilla's pleasure. This clearly clashed with her usual appearance of proud soldier, with an irresistible effect.
Lydia stood up and knelt on the floor, leaving Elizabeth sat on Steven's back. She licked Elizabeth's feet, sucking her toes with great devotion. Elizabeth enjoyed that treatment for a while, then she gently pulled her hair to make her lover proceed. Steven could feel her as she opened her thighs while sitting astride him. Lydia kissed every inch of her legs, then plunged into her pussy and licked all her pleasure, giving her several intense orgasms. They had a passionate night, making an intense use of Steven's body too. Elizabeth loved Lydia's submission and wanted to live experiences inspired to their days in the desert. She made Lydia get on hands and knees, rode her for a while with cruelty, then ordered Steven to penetrate her from behind while reverse sitting on her back, whipping his chest to give him the rhythm. Elizabeth also loved being worshipped by Lydia and Steven at the same time: she sat on his face, letting him lick her ass while Lydia ate her pussy again...

Ten days later, the rebels set an ambush and seriously hurt Lydia, whose life was saved only by her slave's sacrifice. Elizabeth, as soon as they told her what happened, mounted Steven's back and literally galloped along the corridors up to the Queen's audition room. Zenobia allowed her to enter after a few minutes. "Lydia is being cured by my medical staff. She's out of danger now. But I also have bad news, my dear Elizabeth. Lydia has been hit by a burning dart in full face. She's disfigured and has lost her sight. There are no chances about that: she'll be blind forever."
"Oh my God! It's terrible! You know how attached I am to her... And now I feel especially concerned about her mind: how can a proud soldier accept to live as a disabled person?"
"Actually, she's surprisingly clear-headed. She asked me to take her into the Court, but she doesn't want to become an ancilla. Her desire is to become a slave, used for your convenience just like men. I've been surprised at first: I had planned to reward her with great honors and a lifelong annuity. But now my intention would be to allow this. We've had other strong female slaves in past, and she appears determined. Before making it official, I'm interested in your opinion: you must be aware that she will be at general disposal. You'll have to share her with the other ancillas, including the youngest sadistic ones."
"My Queen. If Lydia asked for this, I'm sure she evaluated the consequences. She's not as strong and resistant as men, but the desert showed us how she can compensate with persistence and devotion. I'm sure she's going to be a great slave. About me, well... the idea of having her in my service full time is actually amazing! And I'm also excited about seeing her used by the others: she will tolerate it just for staying here and having the chance to serve me, and this make me feel proud and really aroused."
"Well, it's done" the Queen replied with a sadistic smile "and I'll surely be among the women giving you this last kind of pleasure."
Lydia arrived one month later, once left the hospital. She wore a leather mask to hide her devastated face, and was saddled and arranged like men slaves. Elizabeth mounted her for a while around the huge hall, enjoying her struggle to keep the pace she requested by hard whipping. The purpose of this little show was to introduce the new slave to her friends. Then she allowed the others to try that new toy. She comfortably sat on Steven's back, putting her feet on his calves, and enjoyed the scene... The girls rode Lydia for hours, even in pairs, spurring her with no mercy. They also set up some improvised races. Shannon, a young and petite ancilla, was incredibly able to ride Lydia to victory against Helen, who was heavier but rode a man! Several women wanted to be served by Lydia's tongue in every way, and a couple of them also turned her mouth into their human toilet.
In the evening, Elizabeth stood up from Steven's back and asked her friends to have Lydia back. She wanted to give her a proper welcome, in her bedroom.
A new ancilla immediately mounted Steven. He was accustomed to be disputed: the time he spent alone was always short. He was also conscious that some new ancillas had arrived several days before, but the new ones always took a while before being allowed to get the best slaves. So Steven was not surprised to feel a new rider on his back. But something struck him deeply. That weight, that perfume, that silky skin, those little cruel feet, that double strike on his nape to order him to move... Even if blind, even if it didn't make any sense, Steven felt sure: Danielle!!
That was a night of narrations and revelations...
Elizabeth had plenty of cuddles and kisses for Lydia. "You scared me to death! But I'm so happy now: you'll be here in my service forever." Lydia let her remove her mask, clarifying that nobody else was allowed to see her devastated face (under precise deal with the Queen). "I'm a monster, my Goddess. But I still have my soul and a strong body. Now the only purpose of my life is to love, worship and serve you. I will tolerate any abuse from the others, just because it lets me stay close to you. You know... the Queen probably thought I was crazy when I refused all the honors and I chose this life. But the truth is that I hadn't done this before only for sense of duty." Elizabeth felt so aroused that Lydia's night became very challenging...
Three rooms forward, Danielle was enjoying Steven's tongue on every inch of her body. She appeared like possessed for a couple of hours: Steven had never seen her so demanding and sadistic with him. Then she said: "You don't know how I've been feeling. How could you leave me that way? I thought you were dead for days, then I humiliated myself to reach you here. Do you have any idea of what the Queen requires her ancillas to do?..." She finally cried, and held him in a long long hug. "Newspapers reported about the attack to the Queen's cavalcade. My God, it was a massacre. Everybody was sure about your death. My Mum even bought me a new slave! Then the Queen was rescued, and the legend of one slave and one soldier able to carry her through the desert propagated all over the country. I knew it was you, I felt sure. So I travelled for days by rickshaw, spurring my new slave over any limit. Monica came with me, even if she thought I was crazy in giving away my freedom for a pure hope. I donated the slave to her and said goodbye. Being selected and trained as ancilla took a couple of weeks - Now I know, beyond any doubt, that I'm not meant to serve anybody: I'm dominant to the marrow! - But do you know which part was the hardest? Staying here for days while other women abused you, with no chance to get in contact with you!"
They spent the entire night making love, talking about everything, indulging in her favourite domination games. Steven also gave Danielle some suggestions about life at Court: "Elizabeth is my main user, since she rode me in the desert. She probably saved my life by giving me some food in secret, while I carried her and the Queen with every crumb of my strength. So we've got very fond of each other. She's a senior ancilla, very considered by the Queen. Becoming her friend is your best chance to spend time with me, especially now that her lover has become a slave. You might manage to have me and Lydia in your and Elizabeth's service."
One week later, Elizabeth and Danielle had a long ride in the countryside. Danielle's success in winning her heart had been quick and stunning, and also the girl had surprisingly felt really attracted by the senior ancilla. Slaves were 2-legged: Elizabeth rode Steven, while the lighter Danielle mounted Lydia. Riding a woman was a new experience for her, but she quickly got accustomed. She also made a large use of spurs and whip, not only in order to keep Elizabeth's pace: she really enjoyed torturing her former rival, giving Lydia a very hard time. Even if blindness was a certain handicap when being ridden 2-legged in the outdoors, Lydia made her best and gave her cruel young mistress a comfortable long ride.
Elizabeth didn't care: Lydia had chosen to completely donate herself to her, so now she was just meant to serve and suffer. These thoughts, and the view of the cute Danielle enjoying the ride, made Elizabeth really aroused.
Ten minutes later, under the shadow of a huge tree, Elizabeth and Danielle were loving each other on their human bed (composed by Steven and Lydia's naked bodies).
Elizabeth was 34 and beautiful, even if not in perfect shape like years before. This had undermined her self-confidence more than she was ready to admit. So she had immediately fallen in love with Danielle, who was half her age and looked so pretty and innocent! Danielle's perfect mouth was her biggest passion... On the other hand, Danielle had begun everything for selfish purposes, but she had soon been conquered by Elizabeth's personality and expertise. She still loved Steven, of course: this was just a different thing. She even let Elizabeth kindly submit her!
Now Steven was on his hands and knees. Lydia sprawled on the grass under him, crossing his body. Elizabeth sat on his back like a Queen, using Lydia's breasts like her personal footrest. What a sexy scene! Danielle fell down on her knees, sitting on Lydia's face; she passionately kissed Elizabeth's thighs and pussy, while Lydia humbly licked her ass.
Steven felt more happy and excited than ever: Elizabeth was somehow his second owner, while Danielle would own his heart forever. Now they loved each other and made him serve both together. He couldn't ask more from life. Even Lydia felt incredibly gratified: after losing her sight and beauty, all she wanted was to be used and degraded in every way Elizabeth chose. She considered herself just a slave by now, unworthy of feeling jealousy. Everything was fine, as long as Elizabeth was happy and satisfied.
The huge tree saw one last scene, before the women rode back to the Royal Palace: Elizabeth wanted to feel full now. She made Steven sprawl and mounted his hard cock. Lydia was ordered to lick her ass. Danielle sat on Steven's face, in front of Elizabeth. The lovers caressed and kissed each other everywhere, enjoying and whipping their slave's body under them. They exchanged place several times, using Steven's tongue and cock until they felt exhausted. Heaven was finally on Earth.

11. Lost in the desert

The ancillas had a look out of the palanquin curtains to check the situation: now they were quite far from the battlefield and no further chasers could be spotted, but the men's army was surely going to win, because more than double in number: that attack had been an unexpected tragedy. And their only hope was now to escape fast enough to disappear before the end of the battle. So the ancillas took a couple of whips and started striking the carriers right from the palanquin... including the female soldier! The palanquin had left the track and was now quickly penetrating the desert with no precise direction, but a couple of enemies materialized behind them and started launching arrows. They succeeded in killing one more carrier. Now the female soldier was alone in sustaining the back side of the palanquin, so she collapsed after a few seconds.
The sandy ground softened the impact. The Queen, slightly bruised and deeply disappointed, remained inside the palanquin to stay protected, while the ancillas got off and ordered the soldier and the slaves to eliminate those enemies. Steven and the other young man, who was the Queen's slave called to replace the fallen local carrier, charged unarmed against one of them and beated him down. Meanwhile, the soldier killed the other one with a knife extracted from her boot.
When Steven and Aaron (the Queen's slave) dragged the prisoner to the palanquin, Elizabeth ordered the soldier to cut his throat.
"No!" a peremptory voice said. The Queen got off the palanquin and claimed: "I see four women with two slaves only. We'll kill this bastard only after using every drop of his energy for our convenience."
Proceeding with a palanquin carried by two slaves, one female soldier and one prisoner would have been slow, dangerous and uncomfortable. Therefore Elizabeth and Amanda took the riding gear from the luggage in the palanquin. Steven, Aaron and the prisoner's shoulders were saddled, while Zenobia and the ancillas wore their riding boots and covered their heads with large hats.
The small posse left, with no precise direction: just away from the battlefield, somewhere in the desert. The Queen rode her slave Aaron, while Elizabeth mounted Steven's shoulders. They were comfortable on their saddles, had their feet in the stirrups and received prompt responses when using bridles, spurs and crop: those were first quality, well trained slaves. Amanda had a less comfortable ride. She was the lighter woman, so the Queen assigned to her the worst mount: the prisoner. He initially tried to rebel, but Amanda was a practiced rider and soon dominated him, thanks to large use of her spurs and very hard whipping. However he was a weak and featureless horse and this forced the entire group to a slower pace. Lydia, the survived soldier, of course had no horse at this point so she followed the group on foot, carrying a large bag with a supply of food and water. She was athletic and trained, so she had no problems in doing that.
Four hours later, they reached an oasis and decided to stay for the night. The ancillas were quite scared, while the Queen appeared calm because she firmly counted on the protection of the Goddesses. Nevertheless, they all appeared more tired and troubled than their own slaves: used to a comfortable life at the Royal Palace, they were now living an authentic nightmare.
Lydia went to pick up some wood, in order to set a fire. When she came back, the slaves were on hands and knees, serving as chairs for Zenobia and the ancillas.
"With due respect, my Queen, I think we'd better save the slaves' strength" she said. "They're our only resource in the middle of a desert. Our scheduled destination may be under attack by the rebels, so the best chance is to proceed eastwards to the closest safe city, which is still about five days of intensive riding away. This means that we're probably going to ride these slaves down to death, before proceeding on foot."
"Thanks for your advice, Lydia. You were heroic today, so I'll pretend you didn't give me such an absurd suggestion" the Queen replied. "Of course I will never sit on the ground! I'm the Queen of this country!!"
Zenobia didn't even want to touch the ground with her feet: she sat on Aaron's back and used his calves as a footrest. Now she also ordered Amanda to join Elizabeth on Steven's back, and Lydia to sit on the prisoner. "We're women, meant to be served. The matter is closed. Please sit down and get comfortable, soldier."
The women had a light dinner, careless of their thirsty, exhausted human chairs. Then the Queen ordered: "Lydia, I want you to stay here with the prisoner. Don't give him any food or water: I want him dead very soon. I'm going to stay with my ancillas behind those trees, and I want total privacy until sunrise."
Zenobia made Aaron carry her on all fours through the oasis, while Elizabeth and Amanda rode Steven's back together. They reached a small area surrounded by bushes and trees. First of all, they merged two needs: using a proper toilet and quenching their slaves' thirst. Zenobia used Aaron's mouth, Elizabeth and Amanda had Steven as their human toilet. The younger ancilla clearly made Steven lick her for longer than needed for cleaning, enjoying his tongue between her thighs. Then the Queen said: "Well, my ladies. We're in a tragic situation, but I believe in the favor of the Goddesses and I'm not afraid. Now I want you to serve me as usual. Imagine we're in our magnificent palace."
The ancillas made Aaron get back on hands and knees, and Steven sprawl on the ground beside him. Zenobia sat on Aaron's back and put her feet on Steven's abdomen. Amanda knelt on Steven's chest, removed the Queen's boots and started licking her feet. She did a long passionate work, sucking her toes and removing any trace of sweat between them. After some minutes she stretched her knees and sat directly on Steven's face, lifting her skirt. He licked her ass and then her pussy, spurred by cruel spinches on his nipples. Zenobia initially attributed Amanda's arousal to the passion for her feet, then realized what Steven was doing but let her continue to enjoy his tongue. At the same time, Elizabeth massaged the Queen's shoulders, combed her long hair, caressed her breasts...
After over 40 minutes of this treatment, Zenobia was finally relaxed but also felt excited. She stood up, trampling on Steven's chest, and took Amanda's place on his face. While Steven licked her ass, Amanda sprawled on him and started licking her pussy. Elizabeth sat on Amanda's back and kissed the Queen's breasts, neck, lips. Soon the Queen couldn't resist anymore: she mounted Steven's cock and had wild exhausting sex, still surrounded and caressed by her ancillas.
Finally pleased, Zenobia wanted to sleep. Elizabeth and Amanda knew what to do: they sprawled with their backs on the grass, letting the Queen use their bodies as a soft warm bed. Aaron and Steven were authorized to scout the small oasis and look for some fruit or water: the supply of food and water was reserved for the women.
Steven found and ate some carobs. There was no water, but Lydia cut a cactus with her knife and they drank its juice. How could the Queen be so improvident? They couldn't resist for long with no food or water, drinking from their bodies only! Steven was used to hard work, but also to eat properly. Like every slave, he took special pills for energy every morning. He always had a supply of those in a special pocket of his shorts: no man was able to perform as a human horse for so long without those special drugs, which were considered the most innovative product of that century. But pills couldn't be the only meal of a 190 lbs young man. So Steven's stomach was screaming, and he felt afraid about how long he could endure.
Even if exhausted, he needed more than one hour to fall asleep. He watched the starred sky and thought about Danielle, his owner and only true love. His greatest desire was to go back to her, to make love with her, to worship and serve her for the rest of his life. Steven was a well-trained slave, so he truly believed in women's superiority and was ready to die for any caprice of the Queen and their ancillas. But serving Danielle was something else: he felt so happy with her, even when she was demanding and sadistic. He simply belonged to her.
Elizabeth suddenly came out of the bushes. She took the chance when Zenobia, moving during her sleep, placed herself completely on Amanda's body. Steven expected her to require some kind of service, but she simply looked into his eyes and kissed him on the lips. It was a sweet, tender kiss. Then she gave him some food and whispered: "I'll need all your strength tomorrow, darling. You're one of the best slaves I've ever ridden." Then she ran away to take her place before the Queen could notice her absence.
That nice behavior made Steven feel better. Elizabeth was a beautiful woman: brunette, long hair, oriental eyes, a long soft body. And her kiss... wow! Steven learned that sometimes kindness could be found where you don't expect. He felt less lonely.

Some hours later, the slaves were urged to wake up by Amanda's whip. Zenobia resolutely took Steven's hair and pushed his head between her own thighs. While he drank her, she said: "I slept very well after using this slave last night. He's as strong as Aaron and more attractive. Today I'm going to ride him."
It was an endless day.
Zenobia was heavier than Elizabeth and made a gratuitous use of her spurs and whip, even when Steven was completely meeting her expectations. She just loved feeling his pain.
The prisoner died under the midday sun, killed by Amanda's attempt to keep the others' pace with continuous use of her spurs.
The young ancilla was a petite cute girl, without any kind of athletic training: so now she had little chance to survive, walking on the sand dunes. On the other hand, she was one of the Queen's favorite lovers and weighed 100 lbs only. So Zenobia made an unprecedented decision: she ordered Lydia to let Amanda ride her. The young strong soldier was astonished: ancillas were technically the only female slaves on Earth, while she was a proud knight. But the Queen's power was unlimited. Even if conscious that her few surviving chances were now reset to zero, Lydia got down on her knees, removed her armour and let Amanda put the saddle on her shoulders and the bite into her mouth. The young ancilla mounted on her with a sadistic smile, put her feet in the stirrups and hit Lydia's abdomen to make her stand up. Amanda felt so mighty after the Queen's decision and treated Lydia even worse than a male slave, with intense use of her cruel spurs. She had always dreamed of using a female slave: male slaves were just pack animals, meant to be used until exhaustion, while a female human horse was so sexy and exciting!
That night, even if the Queen had chosen Steven as her own horse, Elizabeth gave him some food again. This time she requested him to lick her pussy and had an intense orgasm, but still had a very kind and sweet attitude.
On the third day, after some hours of riding under the sun, women and slaves started to faint. All the human horses fell down a few times, and were immediately spurred by their dominas. Steven appeared more tired than Aaron, probably because the Queen used her spurs with no care and weighed about 155 lbs, while Elizabeth was not as merciless and weighed 140 lbs. But Steven was younger and regained his energy very quickly when they took a break. Lydia of course was the most exhausted: she was young and athletic, but not meant to work as a horse.
When going through a series of steep dunes, the ladies started to ride their slaves' back instead of shoulders for safety, making them proceed on hands and knees. This was the only way to avoid continuous falls. Here Amanda reached the highest level of sadism: she started repeatedly hitting Lydia's breasts with her spurs, making them bleed. The young soldier, humiliated and in deep pain, kept obeying to her cruel rider without a word. And Amanda's stratagem actually worked: that torture inflicted so much pain to Lydia, that she revealed some last unexpected energies. Zenobia knew the heroic soldier didn't deserve such a treatment, but that scene was too exciting to be stopped.
In the afternoon, when they reached the peak of a very high dune, Lydia finally fell down with her face in the sand, apparently dead. Amanda felt desperate, wondering how she was going to survive now without a mount. So she whipped Lydia's shoulders and nape with all her strength, but she didn't move.
Desperate, she looked at the Queen with weeping eyes. Zenobia ordered her to leave there the poor soldier and to join her on Steven's back. Amanda sat in front of her, mounting from a side and sitting with both her legs swinging close to Steven's left arm. Zenobia, who had moved herself a back a little to make space for her young ancilla, kept her feet in the stirrups and hit Steven's thighs with her spurs.
The posse now had to proceed with 4-legged horses for the entire time. This was good for Aaron, because Elizabeth's weight was easier to carry on hands and knees. But Steven really started to feel scared: he was exhausted, undernourished, cooked by the desert sun. Zenobia was demanding and quite heavy, while Amanda was lighter but an added weight sitting practically on his neck. The two of them together were very hard to carry for long, especially in those conditions. At the end of the day, Steven's arms were visibly shaky: he couldn't avoid to fall a couple of times.
Steven survived that day with great difficulty. That night he thought a lot, concluding that he couldn't afford another day in those conditions. The following morning, as soon as he finished drinking Zenobia's, he recalled all his courage and said: "May I say something, my Queen?"
Zenobia was clearly surprised, but also tired and hungry: her great self-confidence was starting to show some cracks. So, after consulting Elizabeth with a glance, she allowed him to speak with a gesture.
"My Queen, the pain I'm going through is an honor, because its purpose is to save you and your ancillas. I wouldn't hesitate to die for you. But I'm afraid I'm actually going to die and leave you in the middle of the desert today. We're exhausted and starving. Three women with two slaves only... Therefore, I would curse myself if I didn't make a suggestion: I think we should rest today, to regain some energies in the shade of this oasis, and start travelling at night when it's colder. I also suggest we make a 2 minute break every hour, because it guarantees a faster overall pace: I heard this from a friend of my owner, who competes in endurance races, while they were riding me together."
Zenobia remained silent for some seconds. She mostly seemed surprised that the slave she had been riding and abusing for days actually had a working brain...
Elizabeth, who probably knew the Queen better than anyone, caught the occasion and claimed: "My Queen, I would normally torture this slave for his insolence, just to put it straight that he's just a beast of burden for us. But we're not in an ordinary situation. We're risking our lives, and I can't imagine a world without you, your Majesty. So I'm surprised to find myself willing to accept his suggestions."
The conversation was interrupted by a scream. Two rebels suddenly came out from the bushes, armed with short knives. They must have followed them up to that oasis! Steven faced the taller one, engaging in a furious fight. But the other man came as a surprise over Aaron and cut his throat in a second. Then he jumped toward Zenobia, ready to kill her. "Nooooo!" Amanda put herself in front of the Queen and received the stab instead of her, falling down in a blood bath. Elizabeth promptly struck the rebel's face with her riding crop, earning a precious second: Steven, finally successful in killing the first rebel, hit the second one's face with a strong punch before he could attack Zenobia or Elizabeth. They fought desperately and the rebel seemed to overcome him, also because Steven had been injured in the first fight. But a flying knife suddenly came out and killed the rebel.
Lydia was the pitcher of that stunning launch! They had been too fast to consider her dead.
Elizabeth couldn't avoid to hug her. Then everybody cried for Amanda: she hadn't hesitated to sacrifice her own life for the Queen.
This further tragedy changed something in their hearts. They finally felt stronger and closer.
They proceeded travelling at night and following this schedule:
- 55 minutes with Zenobia riding on Steven's shoulders and Elizabeth on Lydia's
- 5 minutes break
- 55 minutes with both Zenobia and Elizabeth riding on Steven's back, while Lydia followed them on foot
- 5 minutes break
And so on.
They kept going for three entire nights, before getting rescued by a Royal Army squadron.

10. The Queen

Danielle and some classmates were having lunch in the campus, enjoying the fresh September air. Each girl was sitting on her slave's back, including Monica... who was 16 now!
Monica's new slave was devoted and well trained, but small and weak compared to Steven and other first-choice 'products'. Her mother had chosen the minimum build allowed for Monica's weight (who was about 120 lbs, just like Danielle), because overprotective and afraid about rickshaw speed. But Monica had become really demanding, after using Steven and Marjorie's slave during the holidays, so now she was unhappy about her new slave and really angry with her mother.
"He's not strong enough for my needs!" she was just saying, careless about the nasty looks of some classmates (whose slaves were at the same level). "I can't accept to be afraid about what he can tolerate. I want to feel free to use him as I like, with no limits! You know what, girls? This has to be over. I'm going to purchase nastier spurs and whips this week-end... so he'll progress to a better performance or die... and in this second case I'll be justified in claiming a new one."

Danielle felt sad for her best friend's bad mood, but also a bit worried: Monica was becoming more and more sadistic. Their journey back from the holidays had been a bright example, but the worst was happening now with the new slave! Monica used to lend him to the fattest and heaviest girl of the school, required no-stop galloping when riding on his shoulders, always found new ways to humiliate him. She still got to school with Danielle every morning, because Steven was faster even with a fully loaded rickshaw (and also because that time spent together had become a lovely tradition for the girls), while Monica's slave followed them, his collar fastened to the rickshaw with a short rope. One day, she asked Danielle to let her drive, then launched Steven to a crazy gallop with hard whipping, until her slave fell down and was dragged on the ground!

On the other side, Danielle was so happy with Steven! They were living a true love, with tender moments and wonderful sex, but it was absolutely secret now. Of course Danielle always had the full power to switch Steven from slave to lover and back. She was still a demanding, cruel owner. And the worries expressed by Monica during their journey were totally unfounded: Steven was still a perfect slave, perhaps even more devoted than before.
"Do you remember, girls? Next month we'll have the Queen visiting our city!" Monica said. "I heard that she owns an entire harem of slaves. How I'd love to donate mine to her... perhaps she would accept an exchange!"
"Royal slaves follow the Queen during journeys, carrying large palanquins with her ancillas. But tradition wants the Queen's personal palanquin to be carried by the best four slaves of the region she's visiting, borrowed from their owners. It's a big honor for a woman to have her own slave serving the Queen for a while" replied Audrey, one of the best students of the girls' class.
"I respect the Queen, of course: she descends from the progeny that founded our matriarcal society. But I prefer keeping my slave right here, under my ass... He's so comfortable!" said Danielle, smiling to her friends.

The letter arrived a few days later. Based on a report from the local slavery school, the selection made by the Queen's committee included Steven in the group of host slaves, meant to transport the Queen during the days spent there. Danielle's mother was enthusiastic!
"You know, Danielle, Steven is the youngest slave ever selected by the committee! They were impressed by the victories his instructor achieved during his training years. All the city will speak about our family!"
"Why are you so happy?!? I'll have to stay without him for days!"
"Come on, honey. He's just a slave! And you might go to school with Monica, using her new one."
"Please... Mum! We'd be faster by bus!"
"Ok, we'll find a solution. Of course we can't refuse to lend Steven! Oh... by the way, we're supposed to bring him to the slavery school tomorrow morning. He'll attend a special palanquin carrying course for 10 days, before spending about 1 week in the Queen's service."
"Tomorrow?!? No, please Mum! You can't do this to us!"
"Did you say 'us'? I understand you dislike to stay unserved, but about Steven... he's just a man! He's meant to be used by the female gender. Do you care about him?"
"Oh, no Mum, don't worry. I just meant that he's a very good slave, and I'm gonna miss having him in my service."
The risk to reveal her real feelings persuaded Danielle to end that conversation.
That night, after making love, Danielle whispered "I love you" into Steven's ear...

Twelve days later, the royal cavalcade was passing through the city. It was opened by dozens of armoured female soldiers, responsible for the Queen's security, who rode their tall and muscular slaves on shoulders. Then the Queen's ancillas followed: they traveled in groups on light open palanquins, each carried by eight royal slaves, and were all young beautiful women. Then the Queen. She sat on a golden throne, mounted on a huge wooden decorated platform carried by four slaves. Steven was the one in front, on the right hand side.
Danielle saw his face and understood the great effort he was performing, but she felt proud: that beautiful muscular man, chosen by the Queen in person, did belong to her! She was in shaky balance, but had a good view despite the crowd: Monica's slave was on hands and knees, and the two girls stood on his back with their high heels. "The Queen is amazing" the girls had to admit "even if not so young anymore..."
Queen Zenobia was 48, but still one of the most beautiful women on Earth. She was blonde, with deep blue eyes and prominent cheekbones: a feline face on the body of a Goddess. Everybody felt inferior and submissive in front of her, women included. And she was actually the only person in the entire Kingdom to own female slaves: her ancillas, who often became close friends of her. Their role was to spoil and serve the Queen in every way. The Queen's male slaves had to support the ancillas and were supposed to comply with all their orders.
The ancillas wore white gowns and threw flowers to the crowd, smiling and chatting. Meanwhile the Queen sat on her throne with a proud expression, greeting her people with a hand.
Once the itinerary through the city was over, the Queen asked for her travel palanquin: closed by curtains, equipped with pillows and everything for her comfort, it was considerably lighter and allowed the slaves to keep a faster pace. Of course the Queen couldn't put her sacred feet on the floor... So the four local slaves put down the heavy platform, then sprawled on the ground creating a human carpet up to the travel palanquin. Promptly the ancillas dried their sweaty bodies and covered them with flower petals. The Queen stood up from the throne and walked over them, while two ancillas kept her hands to give her balance and comfort.
The travel palanquin was much lighter: Steven and the other three slaves could efficiently carry the Queen for hours during inter-city journeys, while the empty throne platform had to be carried by eight royal slaves to keep their pace.
That day, they had to face the longest transfer: seven hours through a desertic region, before reaching the last scheduled city and being given back to their owners. After spending the morning alone with a good book, the Queen had some matters to solve, orders to give... so a series of ancillas and soldiers was called for audition on her palanquin. Open palanquins were put side by side with the royal one to let the women step into the royal one. Ancillas usually spent a longer time with the Queen, because they were considered as her main advisors. On the contrary, soldiers used to transfer directly from their slaves' shoulders to the royal palanquin and remained a few minutes, before jumping back on their human horses and gallop away to deliver dispatches.
This made Steven's afternoon much harder: the palanquin was always occupied by an average of three women at a time, while the slaves carried it under a shiny sun. Riding soldiers didn't hesitate to approach the palanquin and whip them, if they slowed down a bit. Steven's partner, the slave positioned on the front-left side, fell under one of those whippings and risked to make the palanquin overturn. Elizabeth, one of the senior ancillas, ordered the soldiers to replace him. He was chained and left in the middle of the desert, waiting for sunstroke and death.

The attack took place just minutes later.
A small group of rebellious men, heirs of the few who never subjected to the Female Kingdom, caught the cavalcade in an ambush. The Royal Army thought they were almost extinct, but those wild men must have stolen and unchained many slaves, since almost one hundred men were now desperately charging against the royal cavalcade. They were on foot, badly dressed and equipped, but ferocious.
The knights promptly spurred their slaves and went to face them, engaging a hard fight: the scene of women riding saddled men and fighting against pedestrian men was surreal. At the same time, four soldiers rode their slaves to the sides of the royal palanquin and launched Steven and the other slaves to a desperate gallop, with merciless continuous whipping. Their purpose was to move the Queen away from the battle, but the slaves couldn't be too fast because she was sharing the palanquin with two ancillas: the faithful and beloved Elizabeth, and the younger and cute Amanda. A group of men chased them and soon managed to kill three of the soldiers, their human horses and one of the palanquin carriers. So the fourth knight quickly dismounted, made her slave replace the dead one and jumped on the palanquin to update the Queen about the situation. Then the four women heard a scream and the palanquin took a dangerous angle again: one more slave had been killed by an arrow. Incredibly, the soldier jumped down and took his place: three men and one woman were now carrying the palanquin at the fastest possible pace, transporting the Queen and two of her ancillas to safety, away from the battlefield...

9. Back home

The two weeks of holiday finished in a flash.

Steven loaded Danielle and Monica's luggage while the girls said goodbye to their friends, with long hugs and commitments to keep in touch. Lindsay rode her slave on the shoulders for the first mile
beside their rickshaw, keeping Monica's hand and saying that they absolutely had to meet again soon. Then Danielle whipped Steven, who took a faster pace: they had hours of road ahead.

"I did it, Monica" Danielle said after a while.

"What are you talking about?"

"I had sex. Great, fantastic, exhausting sex..."

"Oh my God! You really... I mean... you and Steven?... You bitch! Why didn't you tell me before?!? I wanna know every single detail!!"

"Well, it's a dream... I can't describe all the feelings... I mean, at the end I completely lost control, like my soul left the body... and for a moment he was no longer my slave... but we were part of the same human being!"

"Oh my God, I can't believe it. No no no... You can't! You didn't just have sex. You're falling in love with him!" Monica replied, turning serious. "My Mum warned me, there are some things we can't do with slaves: sex is allowed, of course, but we must follow strict rules!"

"Don't worry, Monica. I'm not in love! He's my slave, I love this, not him... and I just used him for my pleasure... I was always in control, I whipped his back while he was on his knees, licking me... and he never did anything but follow my orders!"

"Ok. Then please, tell me you haven't left space to any tender stuff... not even for a moment."

"Well... yes... but it's been when I wanted it only! I found it exciting to change my behavior as I wanted, suddenly turning from kisses to hard whipping." Danielle was smiling now, with dreaming eyes. But her voice unveiled some concern too...

"You must be crazy!!! You can't kiss him!! Men are pack animals, slaves, meant to serve us... Women suffered for centuries, before truly realizing it and building a better world. If you kiss a man, you're putting in danger the entire system!" Monica took a short break, afraid to have been a bit extreme. Then she added: "Danielle, you're my best friend and I'm just worried for you. My Grandma used to say that once you caress a slave's head, you lose half of your power over him. Men don't deserve anything but submission and pain. They're all born to serve us. They must constantly feel inferior, they're meant to live and die for our convenience."

Danielle started to feel angry, but also a bit scared. She felt sure to have full control over Steven, but she knew to be young and had respect for the experience of the female genre. After all, a world without male slavery was unimaginable! Perhaps she had just confused Steven's devotion with love, and had fallen into the mistake of giving him some love in return...

She looked at his muscular body in action and felt so comfortable, superior, excited. She whipped him once, twice... and he promptly speeded up. What a beautiful feeling!

Monica enjoyed the scene, then said: "Ok, honey. You love whipping your slave, like every woman on Earth. What is that supposed to demonstrate? If you really want to feel sure that he's just a slave for you, give me the whip." Monica hit Steven's back repeatedly, and the girl's rickshaw gained further speed. Then she said: "I'm gonna be so merciless that we'll have the fastest trip ever. I may even end up killing him. If you really want to persuade me of what you said, that he's just a slave for you, you will let me go through with this without a word."

Monica kept her promise. For the following hour, she literally whipped Steven's back every few seconds. Had she been a stronger woman, Steven would have risked his life for real! Then they took a brief stop at the service station, where Monica realized how tired her arm had got...

So she ordered Steven to wear the shoulder riding saddle, while she wore a couple of riding boots with sharp spurs.

Steven had to continue the trip with Monica sitting on his shoulders. This way she could spur him more comfortably, avoiding to tire her arm with the long whip. Her feet were comfortable in the stirrups, and a subtle movement was sufficient to hurt Steven's abdomen with the razor-sharp spurs. Monica was genuinely doing this for her best friend... but she also found it incredibly arousing! She had never felt so powerful. Steven's amazing body was under her, reacting to the cruel orders of her feet, while she sat comfortably and just thought of how to make him suffer and pull the rickshaw as fast as possible.

Meanwhile Danielle, alone on the rickshaw, knew that Monica could no longer see her face... and started crying. "Yes, I love him" she confessed to herself. But she wasn't going to stop Monica, or she would tell her mother everything and have Steven sold, or worse. So she just watched as Monica tortured him with unbelievable cruelty, hour after hour. She just prayed that he was strong enough to go through this... for her.

Then she suddenly stopped crying and started to watch the scene in front of her from a different perspective: Monica was putting Steven on a hard trial? Fine! He had to resist for his owner and Goddess, Danielle. He had to prove his unlimited love and devotion. "Suffer for me, slave!" she thought.

Yes, she decided: love could be compatible with the rules of the new world: theirs was a love story in which Steven had to devote his life to her, while she could always decide whether to torture or caress him. Danielle's fear was suddenly replaced by sexual excitement. "I want you to suffer, slave! I want to let Monica have fun on your shoulders, while you pull me on the rickshaw. These are my orders! I want your extreme pain for our pleasure and comfort..." She touched herself while whispering this, and gained one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

"Hey, Monica!" she yelled at one point. "I'm afraid we're too slow this way. We'll reach home at night! I know that you're having fun, and I am too... but Steven is going to be faster if you come back to seat here, instead of riding his shoulders. If you're still not persuaded that I consider him as a slave only, just let me show you something."

Monica made Steven slow down, then stopped on the verge of the road and quickly dismounted once Steven kneeled down. Danielle snapped her fingers and Steven got into the position to make her step down, beside the rickshaw. She noticed his trembling exhausted muscles and bleeding injuries, but she stepped on his back
slowly with her high-heel sandals, showing no mercy. "We're in the middle of the desert. There's no human being on the horizon. You can't die, slave, at least not before you carry us home. So here's a secret potion for you, to regain energy."

Danielle grabbed his hair and put his face under her short skirt...

He drank every single drop of her warm nectar.

Danielle couldn't help but notice some tears in his exhausted eyes. Monica had pushed him to utter desperation with her extreme cruelty.

It worked though: Monica had never seen a slave used as toilet and was genuinely impressed, so she stopped doubting and the journey could continue with no further problems. The girls spent the following hours chatting about other stuff, as if nothing had happened: tales from the holiday and expectations about the coming academic year were the favourite topics, while Steven was ignored and simply used as their devoted human horse.